Industria SL Wood Floor Coatings

Industria Maxi maximises heavy traffic resistance by utilising a factory applied polyurethane high-performance water-based lacquer to wooden floors.

Industria SL, and Industria Maxi SL, are polyurethane lacquers applied during the finishing process of wood floors destined for high-traffic areas of commercial and industrial premises. Both offer high-resistance to abrasion, scratches, black heel marks, and household chemicals; adding protection and longevity to your natural floor.

Industria SL is perfect for Hotels, Offices, Cafes & Restaurants, and even in the home!

Depending on your level of traffic, you would utilise Industria Maxi SL for areas of considerable and intense footfall such as Shopping Centres, Bars, or Airports.

Industria SL can be applied across our range or colours and most of, but not all, designs at production level inc Plank, Herringbone and Chevron

Please ​contact our commercial flooring specialists for further details, or…

High-Traffic polyurethane coating suitable for Hotels, Offices, Restarants, Bars etc​

Intense-Traffic ‘Airport Grade’ polyurethane coating suitable for Airports, Hotels, Retail Areas