Broderie Flooring Edinburgh

Broderie Flooring Edinburgh


Do you like French flooring designs? If so, then you should try our Broderie parquet flooring design for your property in Edinburgh. The flooring design involves the use of herringbone wood blocks weaved onto grainy squares that have been diagonally placed on the floor. The blocks have such a unique placement position that you can’t help but find it thrilling to the naked eye.


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A lot of other wood flooring designs have bricks laid out in parallel lines. What makes Broderie flooring so original is their bricks are laid out at 45-degree angles. There are no straight patterns anywhere on the floor. The diagonal pattern on the floor will make it flow in a more unexpected direction, which only adds to its excellent aesthetic appeal. People won’t want to take their eyes off your flooring when they step inside your home or building and see it for the first time.

Broderie flooring looks great anywhere. If you own a commercial business or office and you want to make the environment look more laid back and relaxed, then broderie flooring would be great for it. As for your house, Broderie flooring would look even better in its hallways, living room and any other room that you want to appear homelier.

Cheville Parquet has a team of professional craftsmen and floorers who can design an entirely original Broderie flooring setup for your property. You will be pleased with the results because you will be included in the design process. Before the first block is even laid down on the floor, you will get to approve the wood, colours, accent shades, finishes and patterns that you want to see. 

If you’d like to inquire more about our Broderie flooring products and services, then contact us at your convenience.

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