Chevron Flooring Manchester

Chevron Flooring Manchester


Do you like the pattern design of Chevron parquet flooring? If so, then how would you like a custom Chevron floor design for your home or business in Manchester? Cheville Parquet can customise your Chevron parquet flooring design to enhance the beauty of your interior environment. Our customers are always satisfied with the end results, and we’re confident that you will be too.


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Cheville Parquet manufactures our chevron floors by cutting the wood blocks at 45-degree angles and creating tongues and grooves on the sides of the blocks. That way, the wood blocks can be pieced together like puzzle pieces on the floor.


Chevron parquet flooring looks good in all sorts of places. It is appropriate for flats, houses, offices, restaurants, corridors, hotels, and any other environment where you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable. People can easily recognise the natural Chevron pattern because it appears as an inverted V shape.


However, what makes each pattern different are the colours, tones, and shades of the wood. You’ll see that certain areas of the Chevron wood pattern are darker than others. The blend of different colours and tones will go perfectly in any location. If you have a commercial environment like an office, Chevron flooring can help to ease the tension of your workers and clients.


And, of course, let’s not forget about the finishing choices that you have available. Cheville Parquet offers a variety of different finishes to apply to the surface of your Chevron flooring after it is installed. Finishes can help change the colour of the surface while protecting the material at the same time.


If you need help choosing a good finish, our wood floor specialists will help explain your options to you in a clear and concise manner.

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