Herringbone Flooring Manchester

Herringbone Flooring Manchester


Does the herringbone parquet flooring design interest you? If so, then you are not alone. A lot of property owners in Manchester choose this particular parquet flooring design for their indoor flooring.

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It is the type of design that always looks original with each new installation. In other words, your Herringbone parquet floors won’t look like someone else’s Herringbone parquet floors. Because of this, it personalises the interior of your home and makes it more valuable to buyers and renters.


Cheville Parquet has been installing herringbone parquet floors in Manchester-based homes for several years. Our rate of customer satisfaction is exemplary because we offer affordable herringbone flooring products and installation services. We keep our prices competitive so that more people can enjoy this amazing flooring design for themselves.


Our herringbone flooring blocks are made from oak. You’ll notice these particular blocks are much longer and wider in comparison to the standard solid floor blocks available. The larger sized blocks create a contemporary design for your flooring that will truly define the room they are in. What’s great is that you can use the design for commercial rooms or residential rooms, and it will still look just as good in either one.


It doesn’t matter if you have a large room or a small room. Cheville Parquet will lay the blocks at 45 degrees in larger rooms and 90 degrees in smaller rooms. We feel this is the best way to emphasize the details of the room and make them stand out more to people.


You’ll be happy to know that our oak wood is 100% organic. And to ensure the environment stays protected, we always use FSC certified engineered oak.


We’re proud to do our part in keeping trees alive on Earth.

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