Mansion Weave

Mansion Weave Parquet Flooring London

Cheville  Mansion Weave is an engineered parquet and is made up by the assembling 284 mm x 190 mm polygons and  284 mm x 67 mm trapezoids.

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The Cheville Mansion Weave design is an engineered parquet made from the assembling of 284 mm x 190 mm polygons and 284 mm x 67 mm trapezoids.

In other words, our engineered wood parquets are basically polygonal and trapezoidal tiles that are placed together in a sophisticated and complex fashion. The result is an intricate pattern that flows beautifully across the floor of the room. It is a more exciting upgrade to the classic tiles and planks that you see on most floors.

The Mansion Weave is available in any of our 150+ colours and you can incorporate our unique slate, metal or stone finishes into the pattern. We will add a natural hard wax oil finishing to the tiles in order to make them more durable. The oil ensures the tiles stay preserved and strong for a long time. As a result, you won’t need to perform much maintenance work on the tiles.

If you’d like to go totally maintenance-free, then we can use a low sheen natural polyurethane lacquer finish instead of the natural hard wax oil finish. Some people like the look of the oil finish more, but the polyurethane lacquer finish might be better for people who don’t have time to deal with maintenance issues too often.

The Mansion Weave is suitable for both residential and commercial flooring. Since we use engineered blocks, you can have underfloor heating without any problems. In the end, you’ll have a professional clean floor that’ll impress anybody who walks on it.

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