Parquet Flooring Edinburgh

Parquet Flooring Edinburgh


Are you looking to upgrade the flooring in your Edinburgh home? If so, then you should consider choosing parquet flooring. People love parquet flooring because wooden blocks are positioned in different ways to create a visually appealing geometric pattern on the floor.


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You can customise the floor pattern in so many different ways. That is why you’ll never find two parquet floors that look exactly the same. As a result, it gives the interior of your home a unique appearance that guests and potential buyers can appreciate and admire. 

Cheville Parquet has categorised its parquet flooring designs to make it easier for potential customers to find what they need. Some of these categories include herringbone, moulin, chevron, broderie, and oak strip wood. 

Parquet floors require simple maintenance to keep them strong and healthy, no matter if you choose 100% wood material or not. We can advise you on how to treat your parquet floors properly after they are installed. Speaking of the installation, most of the pattern options require the placement of large engineered blocks on the floors. It is a simple process that does not take a lot of time. Therefore, you shouldn’t have very many labour costs associated with our services.

Cheville Parquet is available to serve all residential and commercial property owners in Edinburgh. Before we perform the installation, you will receive a free consultation on the various pattern options that we have available. You will have the opportunity to choose the one you wish to have installed before any work is done. 

Contact us to get the process started.

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