Parquet Flooring London

Parquet Flooring London


Do you want parquet flooring in your London home? If so, then Cheville Parquet can offer you many different design choices for this type of flooring.


Basic parquet flooring consists of geometric patterns that are arranged in an artistic and creative way. There are virtually unlimited patterns that can be created with parquet flooring. It can give your flooring a unique and interesting appearance that is unmatched anywhere else.

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Cheville Parquet has separated a lot of these parquet geometric flooring designs into their own individual categories. When you select the “Floors” link on the top of this page, you’ll see a menu of different parquet flooring choices that you can choose from. Some of which include the following:


–       Plank

–       Mansion Weave

–       Broderie

–       Herringbone

–       Chevron

–       Plank

–       Marelle

–       Moulin

–       Bandsawn

–       Eschelle

–       Aguisse

–       Parquet with Stone

–       Parquet with Metal

–       Oak Stripwood

–       And more!


You can learn about each parquet category by clicking on the name in the dropdown menu. Basically, the differences between these parquet flooring designs pertain to their colours, shapes, and patterns.


For instance, the Herringbone parquet flooring design uses wide blocks and no consistent patterns on any of the floors. The installation of these blocks is very easy, so you won’t have high labour costs.


All of our parquet floor designs use engineered oak material, but you can also incorporate metal, slate and stone accent squares.


If you have any questions about the different parquet flooring design choices that are available, feel free to email or call us at your convenience.

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