MagTech Magnetic Flooring System

Chevilles’ MagTech, is the optimum solution for fixing high-quality flooring to commercial areas, or indeed any setting that uses raised access floors.

Future accessability to under-floor voids is unimpeded when using MagTech – which can be applied to any of our wood or luxury vinyl tile flooring and offers immediate benifits:

  • Strong adhesion
  • No site mess or waste
  • Installaion times greatly reduced
  • Easily replace any damaged areas
  • Move flooring between locations
  • Immediate use after laying

Please ​contact our commercial flooring specialists for further details, or…

Industria SL, and Industria Maxi SL, are polyurethane lacquers applied during the finishing process of wood floors destined for high-traffic areas of commercial and industrial premises. Both offer high-resistance to abrasion, scratches, black heel marks, and household chemicals; adding protection and longevity to your natural floor.

Our Magnetic Access floors are fully protected with Industria SL, or Industria Maxi SL, depending on your level of foot-fall.

Oak Engineered Flooring

Real wood flooring in a range of colours to suit your premises and design requirements.

Ultra-Mag Backed

Held firmly in-place with complete magnetic backing applied to each plank.

Flooring Styles

Available in a range of plank and most parquet designs inc. Herringbone, Chevron etc.

Patented Buffer Strips

Our patented Buffer Strips provide a tight fit between planks reducing noise and allowwing easier installation and uplift.

Seamless Fitting

Seamless fitting is offered with each design style.

Industria Maxi Coating

Industria Maxi Coating is a factory applied industrial grade polyurethane for greater longevity and protection.