Why you should choose Cheville for Herringbone & Chevron wood flooring

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We realise there are a lot of flooring installers and renovators in London. What makes Cheville different than other flooring providers is the quality of the materials and services that we offer to property owners throughout the city.

Custom bespoke parquet Herringbone and Chevron wood flooring installations are our specialities. These just happen to be the two most sought-after wood flooring installations in London.

People love Herringbone blocks because they’re length and width are much greater than your average solid wooden blocks. They make a room feel contemporary rather than traditional. As for Chevon wood flooring, it is desirable by many commercial business people who want to add style and class to their establishment as well as homeowners.

When you request Herringbone or Chevron wood flooring installation services from Cheville, we can offer you FSC Certified Engineered Oak flooring material. This type of wood material is engineered, durable, and resistant to long-term wear and tear conditions. If you’re going to have people walking on your wooden floors regularly, then investing in our engineered oak flooring will be a very wise decision.

Cheville will never install premade flooring materials that weren’t finished by our craftsmen. Every time we install a Herringbone or Chevron wood floor, it is customised to meet the aesthetic needs of our clients. This not only includes selecting one of our many designs, but it also means adding the proper finishes and shades to the surface of the wood as well.

Cheville has achieved a long track record of customer satisfaction from our previous clients who’ve requested our Herringbone and Chevron wood floor installation services. You can trust that we’ll cater to your flooring needs in every possible way. The colour, finish, shade, and size will be original and made to order.

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