Top wood flooring styles in London

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Are you looking for the top wood flooring styles in London? At Cheville, we can offer you the very best wood flooring styles, shapes, sizes, colours, finishes, and more. But the two styles that our customers in London prefer the most are Herringbone and Chevron. Their unique design and appearance make them suitable for most commercial and residential floors.

Take herringbone flooring, for example. The wooden blocks are finished at our UK based factory and installed one block at a time manually. The slanted position and pattern of the herringbone style goes over well in virtually any type of room or environment. Since the wood is actually engineered organic oak material, it has a universal appeal all around.

The chevron wood flooring style is just as popular too. It uses 45-degree cuts at every angle to deliver a unique pattern for your flooring. Each side of the wooden blocks has tongues and grooves for easy connectivity. Since this is a chevron style, the wooden blocks form a V-shape appearance on the floor. It has always been a popular style because it draws people into a room and makes them feel welcomed.

Cheville offers other wood flooring styles, such as moulin, checkers, and broderie. Everyone has their own unique preferences, of course, but the most popular styles continue to be herringbone and chevron. If you want to choose one of these styles for your flooring project, then you’ll want a team of flooring professionals to perform the installation.

All you need to do is easily maintain your wood flooring after it is installed. We recommend an annual application of maintenance oil to keep the floor looking its best.

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